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Bedrock Divine Realm Addon

Bedrock Divine Realm Addon is a new Minecraft add-on that has taken the Minecraft universe by storm. With over a million downloads, it is no wonder that it has become one of the most popular add-ons for the popular sandbox game. The Bedrock Divine Realm Addon adds an entire new realm to the game, filled with new mobs, blocks, and items. It is an expansive world that will provide numerous hours of exploration and adventure.

The new realm is called the Bedrock Divine Realm, and it is composed of nine distinct biomes, each with its own unique feel, look and atmosphere. This realm contains a large variety of new blocks, mobs and items that players can take advantage of when they explore. One of the new blocks, for example, is the Bedrock Divine Chest, which is filled with rare items. Players can use these items to craft powerful gear and weapons to help them in their adventures.

In addition to the new blocks and mobs, the Bedrock Divine Realm Addon also adds new bosses, such as the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord is an incredibly powerful boss monster and defeating him will reward players with powerful loot. However, the Dark Lord is a challenging adversary that will require great skill and strategy to defeat.

The Bedrock Divine Realm Addon also adds new dungeons to the game, as well as a new system for enchanting items. This system will allow players to upgrade their gear to make it even stronger and more useful in battle. These enchantments will cost players a certain amount of gold, but players will be able to reap the benefits of having more powerful equipment.

Overall, the Bedrock Divine Realm Addon is an amazing addition to the already expansive world of Minecraft. It adds new mobs, blocks, items, bosses and dungeons, giving players an entire new realm to explore. With its incredible feature set, it is no wonder that this addon has become one of the most popular out there.

Divine Realm Addon [BETA Release]


Have you ever wanted a new portal in Minecraft? Have you ever wanted a brand new dimension in Minecraft? a new realm? Well you are in luck! The Divine Realm is my newest addon that will bring an entire realm to your map along with some brand new tools, armor and mobs as well, also with a small boss fight.

NOTE: Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this addon!!!


This Addon starts with the Divine Portal Frame

Once you craft the Divine Portal Frame you will be able to make the portal to the divine realm. To complete the portal you will need a flint and steel and a Divine Pearl.

NOTE: Please dont place the first divine portal frame above Y level 90, please only Y level <90, thank you for your understanding.

In order for you to make the portal you will need to place the Divine Portal Frame in front of you and light it on fire 4 times with the flint and steel, doing this will make the rest of the portal frame to appear in front of you, after that you will need to place the Divine Pearl at both ends of the frame and the portal will open!


(or you can just watch the video and see there how to activate the portal)

Once you fully activated the portal then you will be ready to jump in it!

After jumping in it you should wake up in a beautiful new place called The Divine Realm!

Here you will have a brand new place to explore! first you will be greeted by the Divine Foxes and Divine Axolotls and maybe even see a few rare Divine Phantoms flying around, dont worry those are not hostile mobs towards you, well the Divine Axolotls will become very aggressive if you punch them so better to leave them alone. The Divine Phantoms on the other hand are your friends, they will gather items for you, much like the Allay, but faster.

You will also find a small village, this village is protected by the Divine Evoker, this is a redeemed Evoker that wont be hostile towards you, unless you start attacking him or the villagers in his village.


In the middle of the island you should find a big temple, there you can start a mini boss fight against the Divine Blaze, Divine Zombies and some Divine Shulkers, your reward for winning is the Divine Sword, a sword that is much better than a Netherite Sword and will help you in the next boss fight, for clearing the entire temple you will also get the Divine Armor and the rest of the Divine Tools.

You can also craft the Tools and Armor using the Divine Ingot, but its very expensive, i suggest not losing your free pair that you got in the temple after the small boss fight.

Recipe Example for the Divine Tools:

Recipe Example For the Divine Armor:

The Divine Tools and Armor are better than Netherite but the addon also adds another set of tools, The Divine Wooden Tools, those are supposed to be as good as diamond tools.

Recipe Example for the Divine Wooden Tools:

This addon also adds two new types of wood (you can craft the Divine Wooden Tools with both types of Divine wood) you can also use this Wood to make planks, sticks and a crafting table, or just use as decorations. On the island you should also find a fully completed end portal and nether portal, probably because the ancient builders that were living in the Divine island already visited both the end and the nether.


PS: You can also see in the video how to make the portal.


I cant wait for you to explore the divine island on your own, I hope you will like it:)


creator: https://twitter.com/CrazyRap5


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