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Bedrock DM Dungeons

Have you ever wanted to explore uncharted depths of a bustling yet dangerous dungeon? A place filled with extraordinary artifacts of immense power and unique creatures of all shapes and sizes? If you answer yes, then you will be delighted to hear about Bedrock DM Dungeons.

Bedrock DM Dungeons is an innovative and revolutionary way to experience the thrill of exploring ancient depths and challenging dungeons. Players will travel through a series of entirely-new environments and discover hidden treasures, fight monsters and gain experience. Developed by the team at Bedrock Data Management, this sophisticated computer-generated dungeon-crawler combines the best of video gaming with the traditional role-playing of tabletop games.

Bedrock DM Dungeons is the perfect fusion between classic tabletop gaming and modern computer gaming. The developers have created an exciting virtual fantasy world where your character can explore, fight and upgrade themselves. Character customization has been taken to the next level with an array of weapons, armor and items that can be used to customize your role-playing experience. Players also have access to an abundant array of spells, powers and abilities, as well as unique monsters to unearth and challenge.

In addition to the adventurous dungeon-crawling element of the game, players can also take part in an online community of other players. From forums and guilds to tournaments and more, Bedrock DM Dungeons provide a fully interactive environment full of likelihood to connect with other gamers and fellow adventurers in an ever-evolving world.

For dungeon lovers and adventurers of all kinds, Bedrock DM Dungeons offers a truly timeless and thrilling experience. This innovative dungeon-crawler combines modern gaming technology with classic tabletop gaming for a one-of-a-kind role-playing experience. With endless exploration, character customization options and an online community, this is your chance to explore the world of Bedrock and discover the treasures it has to offer. Exploration awaits – delve deep into the world of Bedrock DM Dungeons and immerse yourself in adventure!

DM Dungeons


Looking for a bigger challenge in Minecraft dungeons and add new structures? This addon is the one, it is focused on bringing new dungeons to Minecraft each one is a challenge. Do you think you are capable of conquering them?


At the moment it only adds 3 new dungeons that will be randomly generated around the world, each one has loot according to the challenge they generate. I plan to add more in the future.

I recommend you go super equipped in each of them.

You can see the structures available below


A castle ruled by a greedy former king who was sentenced along with his army to never leave his castle until his insanity caused him to perish. He will protect his treasures at all costs. Will you be able to conquer it?

Base Illagers

The illagers made advances in their conquests in the world of the villagers, they are advancing quickly… Now they will have new bases around the world. Can you beat them? But be very careful in every corner of the place, since they have many hidden treasures that they accumulated in each of their conquests, the place where they hide them will surprise you.


Did you know that some of the ancient pyramids were prisons? The pyramid that I present to you is nothing like what you have seen, once you enter you find yourself in a maze with the possibility of not leaving alive but with treasures worthy of a pharaoh but… In addition to those treasures you will also find to their protectors.


Note: In the images shown I am making use of a texture pack known as Quadral. You can play it with vanilla minecraft or with your own texture pack

As I said for now there will only be these structures. I’ll be adding more very soon, in the meantime I hope you have fun with this.


Suggestions or improvements to the dungeons are also welcome and thanks for downloading. By dinomasther 😀

creator: Dinomasther



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