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Bedrock Doom Difficulty Pack

Doom Difficulty Pack

This is just a mod that functions as a new difficulty. All hostile mobs have been modified and many neutral and passive mobs are more dangerous. This is a major rage addon- if you aren’t careful, you will die constantly. It does not add anything new, so there is no texture pack required, and your own texture pack will work just fine. There are also no experimental settings required, but you do need to set your world to hard difficulty. It’s more fun if things are a surprise, but you can read below if you want to know how things are changed.




Changes that make the game harder:

Bee- Very fast, lots of damage (I think I left them neutral though)

Blaze- Machine-gun fire. Bring fire resistance.

Cave Spider-  Pounces from above. Lots of damage.

Chicken- Runs away like a rabbit.

Cow- Also runs away like a rabbit.

Creeper-  Sees you through walls. Also blows you up through walls. Make your walls three blocks thick if you don’t want it to be suddenly blow up in a fiery explosion.

Drowned- More health, weakness effect, sometimes carry golden swords.

Elder Guardian- More health, more damage.

Ender Dragon- No longer nests. Constantly charges you. More health. Fire balls insta-kill without blast protection armor.

Enderman- More health, more damage, blindness effect.

Endermite- on the rare occasion you spawn one, it pretty much just insta-kills you.

Evoker- More health, faster, spawns normal things as well as phantoms, ravagers, the occasional zombie army, and very rarely a wither. Also try breeding them with bones! You will get a “nice” surprise. 

Ghast- Triple shot, faster, bigger explosions.

Goat- I haven’t really tested it, but they should ram you more often and harder.

Guardian- More health.

Hoglin- Fast, no knockback, more health, I think I added mining fatigue effect.

Husk- No knockback, lots of damage, Curse of the Mummy (actually just bad omen)

Magma Cube- faster, more damage.

Panda- higher chance of aggroing you, lots of damage.

Phantom- Very fast, lots of damage, no longer burn

Pig- Runs away from you

Piglin- Aggro no matter what, poison arrows, lots of damage, occasional netherite sword. Also sometimes carry golden axes.

Piglin Brute- Carries undroppable netherite axe.

Pillager- Very fast fire, faster movement, more health, sometimes carries bow instead of crossbow.

Polar bear- hostile, lots of damage.

Pufferfish- Long lasting poison effect. Guaranteed death without milk.

Ravager- Fast, lots of damage, lots of health.

Sheep- Runs away from you.

Shulker- No more slow levitate. This thing will toss you in the air like a rocket. Practice your MLGs.

Silverfish- poisonous, more health, more damage.

Skeleton- fast, sometimes carry stone sword. More health, no longer burns.

Slime- faster, more health, more damage.

Spider- VERY fast, wither effect.

Stray- Makes you frozen temporarily. Sometimes carry bow, sometimes carry crossbow, sometimes carry stone axe.

Vex- faster, lots of damage. Carries diamond sword.

Villager- Runs from you very fast. They probably figured out you plan to enter them in the slave trade.

Vindicator- Very fast, more health. Carries axe OR sword. Now slaughters villager children as well!

Witch- More health. There wasn’t much I could change in the stuff I had access to.

Wither- Don’t, just don’t…

Wither Skeleton- No more wither effect!… but they do have full netherite gear.

Zoglin- Faster, more damage, no knockback.

Zombie- No knockback, slightly slower (except the babies), poison effect.

Zombie Pigman- DO NOT HIT ONE OF THESE!! They take reinforcement to another level. They simply keep multiplying until you’re dead.

Zombie Villager- Same as zombie.

Here are some of the buffs I added to just make the game a little bit easier:

Golden Carrots- Now further overpowered. Can be eaten very quickly, and remove negative effects only. Also more common in chests.

Illagers- All illagers have a chance of dropping a totem when killed.

Snowballs- Now do one half heart of damage!

TNT- Bigger explosion.

TNT Minecart- Bigger, fiery explosion. 


Installation Guide

Click the download link, and it should just download automatically. Click what you downloaded, and it will upload the addon to Minecraft. When you create a world, turn on the addon in the behavior pack section. Make sure your game is on hard for all features to work correctly.

creator: Pumpkinheadlr


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