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Bedrock Double Jump Addon (No Levitation)

Double Jump Addon (No Levitation)


There are some double jump addons which use levitation. However, vertical speed change the height of jump because of levitation effect. So I made a new double jump addon which no longer use levitation. You can jump with constant height easily!

Hello, I’m NYANKUN.

I introduce my new double jump addon.

This addon make you constant jumping with ease.

How to use

・ Introduction movie :   https://youtube.com/embed//fYTUdlsnqP0

・All experiment factors are ON.

・Pressing the jump button while in the air allows you to jump only once.

・Falling damage after a double jump is not counted.

・The height of the jump can be changed by changing score “jump” from 1 to 4.(score “jump” is equal to jump height)

・The tag “jump” is attached after each double jump, so you can use this tag to create your own jump effects!

Terms of Use


・This add-on can be used in the distributed map.

・However, modification of the file other than to correct conflicts in player.json is prohibited.

・If you use this add-on, please write a description that identifies the creator (NYANKUN).


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