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Bedrock Dragon Ball Z Stands Addon

Dragon Ball Z Stands Addon

My new dragon ball addon for minecraft mobile that adds stands like jojo’s but dragon super that adds 9 characters in this version of the dragon ball addon. to play the dragon addon for minecraft bedrock is very simple, this version does not contain crafts yet, so it is not possible to play in survival, but using the /function command you can get all the addon modes to play with your friends and do a good job pvp in your world.




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Addon adds modes of the main characters of dragon ball super, z and kai to minecraft bedrock edition, addon contains a total of 9 characters for you to be using and having fun in minecraft, the characters are those in the images below

these are the 9 addons characters for you to use in your minecraft bedrock

To get all the characters use the /fuction stands command, as shown in the image below

And after you use the /function stands command in your minecraft bedrock world, you will gain all 9 characters that are below

These are all the characters that are added to the addon for now, but soon there will be an update where I’m going to put more characters from the dragon ball anime in minecraft bedrock

if it’s going to record, leave all the credits and don’t leave the medifire link, if it’s discovered, you’ll be punished

creator: https://twitter.com/fredzimpe


new link to download dragon ball stands z addon and now it is possible to download it through the vertise link


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