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Dragon Expansion Addon

heya,i made a new addon and this addon is called dragon Expansion, for this addon i only added 4 Dragons in this addon, i will make add more dragons in future updates




Fire Dragon – this dragon has the ability to breath fire from its mouth, and it can fly also this dragon spawn naturally in the nether 


Red Dragon – this dragon is kinda like Fire dragon, but i different model, anyway, this dragon can shoot fire balls from its mouth 



Undead Dragon – this dragon is like a zombie, it spawns at night and also this dragon can breath smoke 



Skeleton Dragon – This dragon is massive its a boss actually, it spawns in extreme hills and this dragon has 2 phase, “phase 1” in phase 1 this dragon is on land and uses melee attack “phase 2” phase 2 is when the dragon can fly around and can also breath some sparkly some from its mouth

also this dragon drops alot of bones, and you make armor and sword with it, it has the same recipe as the normal armor and sword 



you can see the dragons here and the armor in game


Turn on all Experimental Gameplay



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