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Bedrock DruidRock Addon

DruidRock Addon

This spectacular addon adds a lot of things. Add: New biome New wood with its respective uses-crafting-door-Wow-wash door-sapling for your tree-trunk-trunk without bark-stairs-leaves-trap-slab                           


2 new entities

Beetle and Lunar moth (with 6 variants)

Beetle Information

Type: Hostile
Domesticable: yes
Behavior: This bug can be considered a beetle, it is usually found in the new biome called darkwood forest, if you find it, it will start attacking you by removing 3 hearts if you don’t have armor.
It can be tamed with golden apples. When tamed, it will no longer attack you and will follow you wherever you go. You can put equipment on it since it serves a mount and also to load objects.

This is its interface if you open its inventory you can put a mount on it and if you interact with it with a chest in hand, 4 chests will be added on the sides and you can place 54 items

Its loot are type scales called chitin are the ones that can be seen in the image
I can drop you from 1 to 3 chitines

Lunar moth

Type: Pacifica
Domesticable: No
Behavior: This type of butterfly will be found in the dark forest, this creature can be caught in a glass bottle if you have a glass bottle and you hold down the butterfly, you will be awarded an item depending on the variant you have caught if you keep as If you were to eat it, you will drop it and return the glass bottle to you, but if you point to the ground and place it as if it were a normal block, a new block will be placed that generates the light and you will see the variant that you grabbed inside the

Dark woods

New mineral

Name: moonstone
loot: moonstone
I know harder than the diamond finds

item from the moonstone ore

new armor

name: Moonstone Armor

Helmet: 4 armor
Chest: 9 Armor
Pants: 7 Armor
Boots: 3 armor

Moonstone Armor Crafting:

New Moonstone tools

Tools Crafting:

Durability of moonstone tools:

Moonstone Sword deals 8 damage
Moonstone Ax deals 6.5 damage
Moonstone Pickaxe deals 6 damage
Moonstone Shovel deals 6 damage
Moonstone’s hoe deals 5 damage

New Plant: Hemp
New Seed: Hemp Seed

hemp plant phases

Crafting the hemp seeds:

New plant

Name: Blueberry bush

Harvest: Blueberries

Seed: The same blueberries

Phases: 4

First phase: it is not harvested
Second phase: no harvest
Third phase: 1 blueberries are harvested
Fourth phase: 3 blueberries are harvested

New food

Name: Blueberry Muffin
Thighs of food 3 whole

Crafting the blueberry muffin

Bone armor and bone tools


Chitin armor:



creator: Fenrir Studio


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