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Bedrock Dust Sans Addon

Dust Sans Addon

If you play undertale You know dust sans is the one of the character of undertale 

Important notice – you do not allow to upload this addon on any other site or app without creator permission and you can showcase it on your yt channel but don’t share the direct link or get copyright strike 

Creator – Herobrine 99 yt You can subscribe me on YouTube for more add-ons you can comment ideas for addon


Now let’s we talk about dust sans 

dust sans is very strong and powerful he can kill you in one second he have some special abilities like 

1.image of dustsans 


2.bone lukers 

Damage : 9999999

3.gaster blasters 



Can fly


4.he can also teleport When you hit him

 These are abilities of dust sans now you can download the addon if you read this




1.click on link and download the addon 

2.extract it you will see two folders first is resource pack and second is behavior pack 

3.cut it 

4.go to android-data-com.mojang.minecraft-files-games-com.mojang.minecraft paste resource pack in resource packs folder and behavior pack in behavior packs folder 


creator: https://www.youtube.com/c/Herobrine-YT-OP



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