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Bedrock Dyable Flint and Steel Add-on

Dyable Flint and Steel Add-on


this addon introduces a new decorative way to play Minecraft, the ability to dye flint and steel, when you do dye them you can create a different color of fire. 

the addon adds in the ability to dye flint and steel, this isn’t to hard to do, all you need is 1 dye and flint and steel in the following way shown below and your result is a dyed flint and steel of the color of dye you chose

when you dye the flint and steel the when used the outcome will make the fire a different color as shown below, all fire does the same damage as normal fire, here is an image of what each fire and flint and steel look like

Known issues, burning affect doesn’t happen, you can place dyed fire on top of dyed fire, some fire ends up spawning in the creative menu



apply both behavior and resource packs in your world 

enable ALL experimental toggles

and enjoy it


you can use my code to make your own custom flint and steel if you want too just make sure I’m credited 

creator: youtube.com/channel/UCLG31goWut8AKoG4wDqWEmg


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