Dynamic Lighting RTX

Ever wanted your items to emit coloured lighting when you hold them while using Ray Tracing? Dynamic Lighting RTX enables that feature and adds much more as well! Each item emits a different colour and brightness of light. This addon even adds craftable offhand torches in order to enhance your gameplay!

Dynamic Lighting RTX significantly enhances gameplay with Ray Tracing through making equipped items actually emit light! With this addon, every single emissive item has a unique colour and brightness of light emitted, and even gives you the ability to craft your torches into offhand equip able versions! Here’s a video outlining the feature set of the addon:

Feature Overview:

Dynamic Lighting:

Holding any emissive item, whether it be a Torch, a Blaze Rod, a Sea Lantern or even an Echo Shard, each one will emit a unique brightness and colour of light specifically tuned to the item. Here’s a full list of the supported items in the addon:

Dynamic Lighting Items:

Torch, Beacon, Glow Berries, Brewing Stand, Campfire, Glowstone Dust, End Rod, Glow Item Frame, Glowstone, Glow Inc Sac, Jack O’Lantern, Lantern, Magma, Crying Obsidian, Redstone Torch, Shroomlight, Soul Campfire, Soul Lantern, Soul Torch, Sea Lantern, Ochre Froglight, Pearlescent Froglight, Verdant Froglight, Nether Star, Eye of Ender, Sea Pickle, Lava Bucket, Experience Bottle, Dragon’s Breath, Fire Charge, Echo Shard, End Crystal, Glow Lichen, Blaze Rod, Blaze Powder, Amethyst Cluster, Large Amethyst Bud, Medium Amethyst Bud, Small Amethyst Bud, Offhand Torch, Offhand Soul Torch, and Offhand Redstone Torch.


Underwater Functionality:

Planning on doing some underwater exploration, but need a more conveinant method to light your way than Night Vision? No problem! Dynamic Lighting has no problem working underwater, making underwater trips at night much easier!

Offhand Torches:
If you’d like to hold a torch with Dynamic Lighting in your offhand, I’ve added craftable Offhand Torches for you to use! You can craft an Offhand Torch, Offhand Redstone Torch or Offhand Soul Torch with the following crafting recipe: 

To use the addon, you’ll need to activate the following experimental features:

Dynamic Lighting RTX isn’t intended for use in multiplayer worlds or in third person perspective. It will probably work, but it won’t function as intended. If you run into any issues with it while playing, make sure to let me know in the comments down below or through my twitter (@MADLAD3718) or discord (MADLAD#3718)!                     


To install the addon, simply double click the .mcaddon file to have it import into Minecraft. Once you have that completed, you can apply it to your worlds through the behaviour packs tab after activating the proper experimental feature toggles.

This addon has been made possible solely through the supporters of my Patreon:
Aleksey Abramchuk, to li, Ryan Milke, Masterofthejedi, Jackboy317, Jonny, Piner Pete, ihategravel Jjrjr, Aggrosk8, Ground Crazy Mae, 優士 佐々木, Elkagorasa, Matt Sharp, travis, William Howard, Lowell Buck, BeachlessBear, LeGamingTV, Lobos senora cartel, Sulaiman, Petur Hardarson, Celestial Jubilee, Jason, Jim Todino, Juho Pöykkö, trulyunseen, Donovan Fulkerson, Maur _, Juan Vazquez, Dimize, Joe Farmer, Matthew Kessler, Zach Zimmerman, michael micmonay, Edward Melendez, Andrew Evans, Skulls, Typa69, Monki, Cedric Engel, Marc Balzer, Aaron, KamJohn92, PSILONCRAFT, Jun Wang, Sebastian Iversen, YXandImmortal, Beben Zockt, Matthew Lupo, Prowl8413, Alexis Hadden, Bill!, Theron Sniper, matthewbuns, Deluxe, Kechua, InferisMC, Jacob Batista, Nicholas Fitzenrider, ede eeded, Abe Rey, J D, MachewPichu, SHAYDIMIR, Jens Christian Ploug, Blu, Jackal Black, Alex, CricketTheWise, Cody Swisher, Mando_52, edag, Jason Gardner, Hugo Carreno, Matthew Molloy, Kuray L, Drew Fishbein, Mark Manongdo, and maxilizi bizi the southern Italian man

If you’d like to help contribute to development and get exclusive sneak peaks, early access to content, and more, head down to my Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/MADLAD3718

creator: https://twitter.com/MADLAD3718


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