EB Enhanced 4.0 – Five For Five Update! (Beta)

Originally made by BlazerFire78, this map is the upgraded edition of the original Elemental Battle PvP map! It features new elements and new abilities, and what’s old are all modified and upgraded! 


If you all played Elemental Battle before, you understand that there are 5 kits/elements in the original game, being Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Lightning. Each element has three abilities, and are given passive abilities according to their elements (except lightning).

Here, in EBE, Lightning now has a Haste passive, and Water and Ice abilities are separated into two different elements, each having 4 abilities (at least). Grass, Lava and Metal are elements in the game, too! 

On 4.0, MANY MANY abilities are added to the game! From flamethrowers to dangerous thunder areas, and even Hypothermia! What else is new, you say? Why not download and find out! 

EBE, like its original counterpart, is currently in the beta stage, and development is frequent. New elements (Poison) will be added to the game, and elements will soon all have 5 abilities instead of 4.

Also, the game will possibly have Gamemodes in the latest updates, so stay tuned for a newer experience!

Do you have any great ideas for this game (command block possible only, I don’t use MODs)? Send some feedback in the comments down below! I’d like to try and improve with your suggestions.



BlazerFire78, the original creator of Elemental Battle.

Jun163/RandomBeta, the creator of EBE.

AfternoonTeaWithHumans and Emperor Yuuki, thank you for your command block creations. I learned some skills from you. 

And you, the person who plays this map, and will give feedback. 


Fire Ability: Flamethrower


Water Ability: Icebreaker (Replaced Downfall) 


Earth Ability: Land Spikes


Poison Element coming soon! 


Wait. There’s more!

This map is open source, meaning ANYONE can add their own skills to the map! It totally depends on your creativity! 


-Added 5 abilities: Flamethrower, Icebreaker, Land Spikes, Electric Zone and Hypothermia. 

-Spore Bullet is fixed. 

-Chain Lightning is modified to cause less lag. 

-The map needs to be downloaded at beta version


-Actual version requirement is beta or higher. You have been warned. 

creator: RandomBeta


By aadhu

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