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Bedrock Effect Challenge Addon

Effect Challenge Addon

This Addon is above all made for everyone who has defeated the ender dragon many times and now thinks that it is too easy. So here you get a little challenge which makes your survival worlds a bit more difficult.


The challenge: every time when you get damage, you will get a random effect

The Addon includes all possible effects and all effects have the same probability to appear.
The most effects have a duration of 3 minutes (some effects can`t have a duration, for example saturation).
But additionally every time the added effect has a random amplifier between 1 and 3.

The Addon works without any command blocks and starts running automatically from the moment you enter the world.
You can play this challenge alone, but it works also in multiplayer. Then only the player who got damage will get the effect.

I hope you have fun and it is not too easy 🙂



creator: MCPE_Map_Maker




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