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Elemental Dragons Addon


Elemental Dragons, It is an addon that adds 4 different dragons like: (infernal dragon, ice dragon, darkness dragon, celestial dragon), With this addon you can have dragons in minecraft. Dragons are totally hostile, but can be fully tamed. These dragons can be tamed and can also be ridden.




WILD DRAGON Health: 70

Attack Damage: 12

It is totally hostile Attacks: Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Llama, Horse, Villagers and Players Tames with: Fish









Attack Damage: 16

Can be assembled Attacks: Monsters HOW TO FLY MY DRAGON? To be able to ride and fly a dragon, you will first need to ride a dragon, to be able to fly you will have to jump as if the dragon were a horse, and then look up to be able to fly, and to go down you will have to look down HOW TO SIT/RAISE MY DRAGON? To be able to sit/lift a dragon you will only need to crouch down .

If you want to report any errors about the addon, join our discord there you can ask and you will have an answer as soon as possible. If you want to use the addon on your map or modify it, contact us by discord



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