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Bedrock Elemental Swords Add-On

Elemental Swords Add-On

A small add-on that adds 4 swords derived from the 4 elements, which grant unique abilities to the player and make him a powerful being. You can hold in your hands the power of air, water, fire and earth, all in a simple sword.

  • Items
  • Crystals and ores

Minerals can be found in the Y(2, -3) layer, since they are generated automatically, these when extracted will give you their respective crystal, as shown in the image, the blocks can be extracted with iron peak, diamond peak and netherite peak.


  • Crafting

The elaboration is not the big thing, it is simply the one of a lifetime, but it is helpful.


  • Swords
  1. Air Sword: This sword has interesting abilities, since it allows us to throw any mob that is within a range of 10 blocks, while on the other hand, if you are falling you can use the sword to save yourself, since it grants slow fall to its bearer.
  1. Fire Sword: This sword has its ability, which can set fire to entities in a range of 10 blocks, so it is effective in getting cooked food and charred enemies, but it also has the ability to give its bearer fire resistance, in case it is catching fire, otherwise it will not work.
  1. Water Sword: This sword despite being weak in terms of damage, its ability compensates for it, since like its companions, it does damage in a range of 10 blocks, but it is very lethal and efficient for aquatic explorations, since it grants water breathing to its bearer avoiding drowning.
  1. Earth Sword: This sword has its ability, which allows the bearer to push entities, like the other swords, in a range of 10 blocks, but also makes them slow for 3 seconds giving the opportunity to escape or continue fighting, in addition to just moving a little to give us resistance and be able to defend ourselves very well.


  • My humble video of how my creation works



  1. As it is the first version, it needs to be polished in many aspects, I just do not recommend using if there are pets around.
  2. Avoid leaving direct links, not only mine, but also my fellow creators, since they try too hard to create content and it is not right to snatch things that do not belong to you, thanks :).




Remember to activate the experimental options for a good functioning, that you enjoy it.

The files will be downloaded automatically when you pass the shortener, it does not redirect to another site 🙂

I leave tutorial on how to pass LinkVertise 🙂

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70EMFarsvDg5UmIn2kB3Gg



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