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Bedrock Elemental Withers

Elemental Withers

Hello again, today i present my new minecraft addon called elemental withers. Elemental wither is a new addon that adds new wither types to your minecraft world (fire, ice, electric and dirt) this version can have any bugs if you find one you can write me in the comments




Health: 600

Projectil: Large fireball


Health: 600

Projectil: Large iceball (fill snow powder)


Health: 600

Projectil: Thunder (summon lightning bolts)


Health: 600

Projectil: Quake (replace dirt and grass with moss block and give weakness)

With a wither skull you can craft the wither shards

And with these craft armors and sword

All of these withers drops their wither shards, with these you can craft armors and sword

Now to summon the withers you can find the recipes in the crafting table



1.- Go to the end of the submission and click in the mcaddon, archive

2.- Export mcaddon archive to minecraft 

3.-Wait the exportation

4.-Active the resource and behavior packs

5.-Active the experimental options

6.-Go to play the addon in your world

creator: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100071417345106


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