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Bedrock Elves


The Elves are coming to Minecraft World! They live in a tree house in the new magic biome along fairies, giant trees and unicorns. Discover this whimsical place and its secrets.



Remember that for the Elves biome to appear you must activate the experimental game!


Elves were added, these can be found in the giant tree houses.


Strings, lamps, vines and new woods were added, use them to decorate!


The future plan is to add:
. Unicorns
. New crafting
. Magic system
. What you recommend in the comments!



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Add-On created by Ragthor.
Website: www.ragthor.xyz

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Ragthor: @RagthorDev
SovietLian: @Winter_Lian

Website: www.hakaro.xyz


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All the information in the post was updated and support was added to 1.17.30


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