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Bedrock End Dangers

End Dangers

End Dangers is an Add-on with the purpose of adding new challenges to the end by adding new entities with all kinds of attacks, looking to increase the difficulty in the fight against the ender dragon and when walking through the outer islands. ¡Face new threats in the end using all the resources and skills at your disposal!


At the moment this addon adds 6 new enemies to fight, with weird and shiny models, each one with different attacks and skills, some familiar to other vanilla mobs… what a coincidence!, so let’s talk about each one:

Void Ghost

A very aggressive enemy, he can see you at great distances and will always want to levitate you with shulker bullets at close range, he will also want to slow you down, knock you down from great heights or launch you into the void with void stalactites if you are far enough away from him.

Health: 40



Dark Crawler

A… kind of dark beetle with a lot of life, but very slow, its melee attack can kill you in one hit if you are not wearing armor, also, at long distances it fires slow explosive projectiles without gravity in the first 30 seconds

Health: 110



Blinding Star

Rolling “stars” that can go through walls and attack you even if you are covered,they can also fly and have low life, but they usually go in hordes of 8 to 10 or more stars

Health: 7




Just a normal entity that stabs you, nothing bad can happen…  🙂

Health: 25



Light Bringer

Its name comes from its peculiar and rare attack, a powerful laser that does 7 points of damage every 0.5 seconds approximately, knock it down before he starts shooting or run in the opposite direction to get out of his attack range! 

Health: 15



Isomeric Volcano

Isomeric volcanoes will spawn constantly for the purpose of firing convalescent spheres to help restore health to other entities and the ender dragon, once the volcano spawns it will take 30 seconds to fire a sphere, destroy it before that happens

Health: 65



Convalescent Sphere

The convalescent spheres have the purpose of regenerating health to the entities around them with the exception of the players, these spheres go through 3 phases

Phase A

This phase occurs when fired from the Isomeric Volcano, the sphere cannot take damage but can be pushed back as it slowly reaches a considerable height to enter phase B.

Phase B

This phase starts by giving regeneration 1 for 10 seconds to all entities except the player within a 100 block radius, it can also heal the ender dragon as an ender crystal, this phase can take damage, any damage it takes (such as from an arrow or one hit) will be enough to knock it down and make it go to phase C, if it doesn’t take damage for 3 minutes, the sphere will automatically go to phase C on its own.

Phase C

This phase is the last one a convalescent sphere goes through. In this phase, the sphere has gravity and any type of damage will make it explode with a power similar to that of an ender crystal. Being very high, they usually explode when falling, if the sphere does not receive any damage for 15 seconds it will still explode, watch your head.



This addon also adds 2 items that will help you fight against hostile mobs:


Sharded Turret

The sharded turret, more than an item, is an entity without movement that has the purpose of kill any mob labeled as hostile or monster by shooting large amounts of void stalactites, they do not directly attack the players, but if you are in front of their objective it will not stop keep shooting

They have a lot of life and can also be healed with purple shards, if the turret dies it will drop an item to spawn it again

Health: 70



Shard Bomb

The shard bomb is an item that generates a knockback at your position that causes 8 points of damage in an area of ​​15 blocks, perfect for escaping lockdowns, it only has 2 uses per item. 


Extra images of the addon


More things will be added in future updates!

Sorry if some behaviors or models and textures are weird, this is the first addon i made!

I apologize for the bad English 🙂

creator: ZO66AK


– no change, it’s the first version of the adddon!

– have fun


Download the behavior and resource pack > click on each file to install it in the game

Don’t forget to activate the experimental functions.


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