Endcraft! (V1)

Don’t you hate the End. So Boring..So Empty..WELL NOT ANYMORE!!!This Addon adds not just new Biomes to the End. It also adds new Structures. New Mobs or Ores and much more!Anyways I hope you enjoy it 🙂 


First Of Credits:



The first Biome is the Infernal Forest:

The Infernal Forest has Trees and a lot more!

Also Yes out of the Planks you can make the same stuff as with normal wood.
The Leaves of the Trees are normal Leaves btw


Next one is the 
Warped End


This is the most Boring Biome but the most peacefull one!
Btw you can use Twisted vines  to make Paper now


The next one is the 
Ashed Waste

This Biome has a new Type of sand which can be used the same way as Sand can be used 

The Cactus can be made into Purple dye and into Sticks:

Last is the Bloody Hills!

This Biome has a Fog and a new Stem Type (It also has creepy ambient Sounds)!

The Grass can drop seeds which can be planted on Obsidian or Bloody obsidian

The last stage drops Wheat which can be made into bread

Also the Bloody Sappling (The one ontop of the Bloody obsidian) can be bone mealed to get a Bloody tree!
Also the Leaves drop seeds+the saplings too




It adds 2 new Ores for now (Both can be mined with a Wooden Pickaxe+)

The Ender pearl ore drops 1-3 Ender pearls.
The white ore however is Tungsten. It has the same uses as Iron and used in many recipes



First of the Ender Museum

In it are random Blocks from the Overworld and Nether

These blocks however are random


next is ruined End portal which spawns in the End and Overworld

The loot inside is really good and can contain really rare items




One Mob is the Ender Slime iwhich drops Ender Slime balls

It also can Teleport (Yes it takes damage when in Water)


Another Mob (Actualy 3 mobs)
Are the Void Phantom
Warped Cpig
And Infernal Cow

They behavier is the same as the Normal ones


Next and Last is the Swarm Floater

The Swarm Floaters are neutral and will sometimes attack. 

Sometimes now (they do only 1 heart damage)
However they can drop their soul (Normal and Angry) which can be made into a lot of rare stuff


This is Everything For V1 of ENDCRAFT!


Cya soon 🙂



Also Turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features

creator: https://twitter.com/CrackedCubes


By aadhu

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