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Bedrock Ender XP Tank

Ender XP Tank

The feeling of loosing all your levels when you die due to a mistake. And knowing that there is no method of storing xp. This addon does exactly that. It allows to store your xp level when ever you want and where ever you want as long as you have an ender chest with yourself.


How does it work?

  1. You need to have at least 1 level of xp.
  2. Stand on top of an ender chest to store xp every second (you will hear a ding sound)
  3. If you hear an anvil sound, it indicates that you don’t have enough xp to store.

4. Stand under an ender chest to get your xp levels back.

You Are Not Allowed to:

  • Distribute the addon using your link
  • Claim this addon as your own
  • Edit/Modify any of the addon files

You Are Allowed to:

  • Record  a video only if you provide credits and but this page for Download
  • Use this on a server, but only if proper credits are given.
  • Have Fun!

For Better Understanding/Showcase Video:




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