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Bedrock Even More Swords! 1.18+

Even More Swords! 1.18+

This addon adds over ten brand new swords to your Minecraft experience! This is only the first version of the addon and I will try my best to update it at least every other week!


The addon adds in a plethora of items, mobs, and weapons! each weapons gives its wielder an increase of stats


Weapon:Redstone dusted sword

Rarity: common

damage: 19


Stats: -10% movement speed +50%hp

Weapon:Guilded Iron sword

Rarity: common

damage: 10


Stats: +10% movement speed

Weapon:Emerald Sword

Rarity: common

damage: 8


Stats: Village Hero: x10

Weapon:Ocean Sword

Rarity: common

damage: 20


Stats: water breathing:x1  Conduit power x1

Weapon:True Iron sword

Rarity: common

damage: 12


Stats: +52%hp


Weapon:True Diamond sword

Rarity: common

damage: 14


Stats:+100% hp

Weapon:Rose Sword 

Rarity: common

damage: 25 


Stats: +100% hp +50% movement speed

Weapon:Unstable Sword

Rarity: common

damage: 30


Stats: +100% hp wither: x1 regen: +1

Weapon:Void Sword

Rarity:  rare

damage: 50


Stats: +100% movement speed +100%hp


Other than these weapons there are currently 4 legendary weapons.  The information on these weapons is limited but a majority of them are far superior to the earlier weapons in damage and stat boosts.

There is still so much more I would like to do with this addon! and I am open to any suggestions for sword ideas! try to keep the ideas as simple as possible nothing complex!!


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