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Bedrock Excavators Addon v1.1 (1.19 Update!)

Excavators Addon v1.1 (1.19 Update!) [Compatible with any Addons]


Welcome to 1.19 update!


Hello, welcome back, this time I present a new simple addon that can be very useful to you. This addon is called “Excavators Addon” and it adds 9 new shovels that mine 3×3.

By: Dexten Mods



  • Bridge: for some components.
  • Paint.net: for textures.
  • Visual Studio Code: to write codes.
  • SystemTV: help to code.


to craft the excavators, we just have to go to the Crafting Table and everything will be there


We can use the Excavators in 2 ways. The first is normal, it would be like a shovel, and for the second we must crouch down and mine the block, and thus the 3×3 will be activated

by working as a shovel, you can only mine the blocks that this same tool could mine



Copper Excavator [NEW]


Durability: 276


Emerald Excavator [NEW]


Durability: 306


Amethyst Excavator [NEW]


Durability: 356


Wooden Excavator


Durability: 59


Stone Excavator


Durability: 131


Iron Excavator


Durability: 250


Gold Excavator


Durability: 32


Diamond Excavator


Durability: 1561


Netherite Excavator


Durability: 2031



people who download the add-on many times do not read the characteristics and terms to review this add-on. If you are a content creator, please use the link and you cannot leave the DIRECT link or make your own link. If you don’t comply, I will take action.



  • Added compatibility with 1.19
  • Added code improvements for “Excavators”
  • Added “Copper Excavator”
  • Added “Emerald Excavator”
  • Added “Amethyst Excavator”


[Activate Experimental Games]



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