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Bedrock Expanded Fences

Expanded Fences


This is a simple vanilla friendly add on adding in two more fence variants for every wood type. Currently this add on includes Log and Stripped Log fence variants that change the texture of the fence post to match the log or stripped log texture. This Add-on pack is also fully compatible with texture packs that change the textures of the wood types!

These new fence posts connect to many of the vanilla blocks you would expect as well as vanilla fence blocks and gates. An added perk to these fences is unlike vanilla fences, they are one block tall and are able to be jumped over by the player.

Mixing and matching is 100% possible between the fences and can be used to create some pretty cool looking animal pens.

The log textures also open the possibility to create some pretty cool natural builds as well.

All Recipes for the fences are found within the crafting table in game just like any other block. They follow the same recipe structure as vanilla fences just replacing the planks with either log or stripped log.


This addon is not to be distributed anywhere else without explicit permission from myself.

Do not steal any of the textures, code, or models from this addon unless you have my permission to use them.



  1. Click the Download Expanded Fences Button.
  2. You will be taken to my websites page for the addon.
  3. Scroll down to find the download button and install instructions.

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