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Bedrock Expansive Ores Addon

Expansive Ores Addon

Today I come to present my first addon of ores, tools, mobs and structures created by me and it is titled as Expansive Ores, it brings a total of 8 ores that can be increased thanks to an addon that I will make compatible later, it also brings new tools and mobs that I will explain later.


Have you ever wanted to have many ores, tools, entities, armor and useful items in your survival world? Well look no further this addon is for you

Experimental Games

These are the experimental options necessary for the correct operation of this addon and a correct gameplay and gaming experience.


In the creative inventory you can find all the items that the addon also brings, blocks, entities, armor, tools, etc.


Ore Extractor

Ore Extractor

This is a table that will help you extract the ores from the addon to use them correctly.


To craft this block we will need to go to the nether and look for blackstone and also a new ore called uranium that is found in the nether

By obtaining this ore we can craft a uranium drill that will serve us later.



After having the drill, we proceed to craft the ore extractor as follows.

once we have this table we can extract the minerals and use them to their maximum capacity.

Using uranium as a method of making the table work, we will be able to extract the minerals embedded in stones and obtain the gems.

Ores and Tools


the available minerals are the following and they will have different uses, one better than the other, let’s start.


this ore will be used for useful things and also to facilitate obtaining other items from the addon, when chopping the ore it will give you the topaz embedded in stone to get the gem that will really work you must use the ore extractor


When you get the final mineral you can create tools and armor, this item will also be used for trades that I will explain later.




Topaz armor is crafted in the same way as any minecraft armor and it protects you a bit more than iron armor.


This ore will only work for new tools and armor at the moment, but that could change in future updates.

once you get the ultimate ore you can craft tools and also armor.



This armor will protect more than the topaz one, which in turn is better than the iron one.


This ore is one of the best, below the ruby it will be used mainly for tools and armor.

As usual, to obtain the ore you will have to use the ore extractor and remove it from the stone.




This is one of the best armors in the addon only below the ruby one.


This is one of the best minerals you can have, the ruby far surpasses the other ores already seen, but the sapphire keeps up with it.


To get this ore you will need to use the ore extractor when you get the ruby embedded in stone.



This armor is the best of the addon at the moment, it protects the same as a diamond one.


This is the best mineral you can get, it is not used for armor or tools, but you can make very useful items.

There are several ways to obtain this peculiar item, one is through a mineral that only appears in the depths from layer -1

Another way to get the mineral will be through the trees, since trees will be generated around the world that will have a little amber inside them.

When you find this type of tree with that crack, I recommend breaking it since in a period between 3 to 6 minutes you will be able to remove its liquid amber that will be generated, the block should be seen in this state when it is with amber.

to extract the liquid amber you must use a bucket and interact with the block and that way you will get the bucket with liquid amber

then to finish this item you take it to the oven and you will get amber and a curious fact is that you can use uranium to cook it lasts twice as long as normal coal.

Now when you get a lot of amber you will be able to make gadgets with special abilities due to the mystical nature of amber.

One of them is the amber amulet that will allow you to drive away the weakest hostile entities, such as:

-Villager Zombie
-Magma Cube

For the next artifact we will have to delay it with a mob that adds the addon, it is generated around the world.

with this mob we will be able to trade their trades may vary since they are not always the same, but with a trade they will be able to obtain the next item that is an improvement to the previous item.

This item will allow you to do the same thing as normal amber but to a greater degree since it will allow you to ward off more dangerous mobs like the creeper, enderman, piglin brute, vex, wither skeleton, ravager, pillager, phantoms, etc.

It also gives you regeneration at level 3 if you have it in your main or 2nd hand.

Also if you get this item you can make another artifact that uses amber much more useful than the others

the amber totem is a very useful item that will help you get extra hearts every time you take damage, also if you take fatal damage the totem will break and restore all the life you had



This entity is generated around the world, it will allow you to trade items from the addon using topaz as currency, it also has 4 variants and can be converted into a zombie.

Ambar Mobs

these are entities inside amber you can free them by interacting with them having a pickaxe in your hand, it is accepted from an iron pickaxe and also the addon pickaxes minus the topaz, when you free them you will get amber.

Ore Zombie

These zombies are somewhat peculiar since they have embedded ores such as topaz, ruby, onyx and ruby, these items can be obtained if you kill them with a pick either vanilla or addon.

Topaz Golem

This mob spawns like a normal golem but using topaz blocks, it has more life and damage than a normal one.

Ore Monster

This mob is quite strong, it has an attack that can give you from a fairly long distance, if you hit it 6 times it will make an attack that will send you flying, if you kill it you can get its embedded minerals.



These are structures you can find around the world, in the plains, forest, savanna and extreme hills biomes.

This would be all for this version of the addon I will continue working on future updates





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Download guide

Go to the links, then down and click on “Free Access with Ads”, then click on “Discover interesting articles from the web” and click on X, wait as long as it says and press X again, then press to “Continue” and voila, this is the same for all the links in this plugin


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