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Tired of classic Minecraft foods? So I bring you Extra Foods, which contains several simple and functional foods for both Survival Mode and Creative Mode. But even with simple foods, that doesn’t stop me from adding a few buttons a little less simple.

Imagine that you are in your Minecraft house, in the Survival gamemode, and you are hungry. So you ask yourself: should I eat animal meat or fruit?

So you think about it, and imagine: what would it be like if I could eat other things like a delicious dish of food made by a chef. Well, Extra Foods brings that and much more.


Jams and Breads


Apple Jelly

Glow Ink Jelly



Prepared Bread with Apple Jam

Prepared Bread with beef and cheese/burger

Bread and Butter

Bread with Glow Ink Jelly



Doughs and Cups

Coxinha Dough

Pizza Dough

Glass with Milk

Cup of Hot Milk

Glass with Water

Cup of Hot Water

Cup with Chocolate

Cup with Melted Chocolate



Prepared Bread

Prepared Chicken Meat/Chicken Leg

Prepared Beef/Burger

Prepared Pufferfish

Prepared Tropical Fish

Sliced ​​Bread


How to make prepared rotten meat (clean for consumption):

1- Dry Rotten Meat:

2- Cook dried rotten meat:

3- Prepare raw cooked rotten meat:

4- Cook the prepared rotten meat, and that’s it, you can eat in peace:




Apple pie




Chicken Drumstick/Chicken Coxinha

Ground Beef Coxinha/Coxinha Ground Beef


Pizza Slices:

Cheese Pizza

Chocolate Pizza


Blocks and Plants


The salt block is a block that appears only in the desert biome, it is a little rare, but it stands out a lot from the sand. It is one of the most essential ingredients in recipes.





Tomatoes can be found in the Savannah, Forest, and Jungle biomes. Tomatoes are useful in some recipes like pizza. They cannot be planted in plowed land (I will try to change that soon), but can be planted in dirt and grass.




Preparation Knife

Used for Cutting/Preparing things.


Chef’s Knife

Used to create Delicious Dishes.



Used for frying and cooking.


Iron Mug

Large Glass Claw

Glass Jar



Iron Bottle

It can be opened and closed, and can be used to store long-lasting liquids.


Used for beating and making smoothies, it can be opened and closed.



Processed foods usually have a package, which must be opened (in the same way as eating an edible item) to consume the product.

Chocolate bar

Ramen noodles

Prepared Tomato Sauce/Ketchup


Cereal With Milk


Canned Foods:

Canned Fish

Canned Soup


Dishes and Pan

How to Fry an Egg:

1- Take an egg and put it in a pan:

2- Place the pan in the furnace:

3- Put it on a plate, ready, enjoy.



Sliced ​​Potatoes

Sliced ​​Carrots

Sliced ​​Pork

Sliced ​​Beetroot

Sliced ​​Prepared Rotten Meat


Chef’s Dishes:

Pork On Carrots



Wheat flour



Tomato Sauce

Chocolate Chips


Drinks and Vitamins and Iron Bottle Drinks

Apple Drink

Glow Berries Drink

Watermelon Drink

Iron Bottle With Water

Iron Bottle With Hot Chocolate


Vitamins: All vitamins cause effects on the player.

Watermelon Vitamin:

1-Putting watermelon in the blender:

2-You will turn on the blender (just try to eat the blender as if it were food).

3-You will put the watermelon smoothie in 2 cups, that’s it.

1-Put the sweet berries and bright berries in a blender:

2-You will turn on the blender (just try to eat the blender as if it were food).

3-Put the berry smoothie in 2 cups, done.


Iron Mug with Hot Chocolate



Coming out of the beta version of the addon and making it official, adding 10 new foods before launch. Mediafire download link added.


After installing the addon file, the file will be named as Extra Foods V1 Official Addon.mcaddon.zip. You will rename the file to just Extra Foods V1 Official Addon.mcaddon.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/@the_playerr2916?cbrd=1


By aadhu

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