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Currently, Fantasticraft adds 6 new Armor Sets, 7 new Weapons with special Right-Click Abilities, 2 new and magical Ores, And 3 new Mobs! For a total of 42 new items! This Add-on does not edit the Player.json!

Fantasticraft currently adds 6 new alternative armors to the game.

  • Plated Leather Armor: 11 Defense
  • Gold Scale Armor: 8 Defense
  • Iron Scale Armor: 13 Defense
  • Diamond Scale Armor: 17 Defense
  • Netherite Scale Armor: 17 Defense/4 Knockback Resistance
  • Coronite Armor: 20 Defense/4 Knockback Resistance/Fire Protection

Plated Leather Armor is crafted using Leather and Iron Ingots as seen in these images:



Scale Armor is crafted using Ingots and Nuggets as seen in these images:



Diamond Shards have been added to keep the crafting recipes consistent. They act exactly like nuggets.


This Add-on also adds a new weapon type, Shortswords! Shortswords are crafted using 1 Ingot and 1 Stick, and have a special Right-Click ability that allows you to Dash! The Dash Ability gets stronger depending on the material the sword is made out of.

Coronite is a rare material found that can only be found inside Blackstone hidden in the deepest parts of the Nether! Coronite Ore drops Coronite Fragments which can be crafted into Coronite Ingots like so:

Coronite Armor is crafted normally using Coronite Ingots.

The Coronite Sword is crafted using 2 Coronite Ingots and 1 Blaze Rod. The Coronite Sword has a special Right-Click Ability that allows the user to shoot a fireball! The fireball does not damage blocks, and will only hurt Mobs and other Players.

Coronite Gear will not burn in lava

Next is Experience Ore:

Experience Ore drops Experience Gems when mined. These gems are able to be broken in order to collect the levels stored inside! 4 gems can be combined in a crafting grid to upgrade the amount of XP stored inside!

New Mobs!

Demon Eye: Comes out at night and floats around! Hates light sources.


Hedgehog: This little guy runs around during the day, and loves to eat Melons!


Shroomans: Shroomans are incredibly rare to find, and are timid around people. Can be tamed with Mushrooms as long as they match their color. Be careful though, pigs love to eat Red and Brown Shroomans, and Hoglins love Crimson Shroomans. They are repelled by Warped Shroomans, however…


All new items added:

Future Planned Content:

  • Bone Armor (Tricks certain mobs into not attacking you)
  • Mythril Armor (Provides life regeneration when wearing a full set)
  • Celestite Armor (Provides extra protection beyond that of all other armor sets)


-Download The Add-on.

-Open the file.

-Let Minecraft Install it.


creator: PixelForge


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