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Bedrock Fantasy Forest

Fantasy Forest


This new addon that brings together races, monsters and different bosses of mythological and fantastic creatures This addon is in beta phase for which several of the things have no function more than all the mobs but if the addon is supported and good suggestions are seen it will be updated with more functions and more mobs


Fairy are found in forests and are very playful when they die they drop fairy dust

Skeleton Warrior


Skeletons appear at night and are just like normal skeletons except they carry hand weapons.

Skeleton Guard

Skeleton Guards appear at night and have more stamina and attack damage than a skeleton warrior.



The orcs are very aggressive, they are found in the deserts and they do a lot of damage


The goblins appear in the forest and they will always be in groups of 4 and they will attack if you attack them


The forest guardians spawn in the jungles and forests and attack anyone who cuts down or kills animals on their land.


The mimic are shapeshifters that hide in the shape of a chest in caves and attack whoever is nearby


The lizardman appear in swamps and will attack those who dare to usurp the swamps

Skeleton King

The skeleton king rarely spawns in the woods and is a boss that will summon skeletons to attack you and has 2 states after death.


creator: Fenrir Studio


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