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Bedrock Fast Craft Resource Pack for MCPE 1.19+

Fast Craft Resource Pack for MCPE 1.19+

While crafting anything in Minecraft PE/bedrock, if you want to craft multiple items then you have click multiple items or you can just hold to craft continuously but both takes time and it is not a best way of crafting something when you are in hurry. For this problem ‘Fast Craft’ is perfect.

This addon will a add a extra button in inventory, crafting table, stonecutter, villager trading inventory etc. If you click this button, Instead of crafting one item, all items will be crafted

As shown in the photo



Inventory UIs


So this resource pack is so useful for survival. I would highly recommend you to use this resource pack in your survival world or you can also use it in multi-player servers.


Enjoy it



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