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Bedrock Fast Miner

Fast Miner

This addon introduces a new way of logging, mining and farming. Now you can mine an entire grain of ore just by mining one block of ore, you can also chop down a tree by cutting down just one block of wood. You just have to sneak by pressing the shift key or whatever key you have set to sneak. By default the left shift. This addon is also survival friendly.


You can mine ore, chop down trees and even farm. All you have to do is sneak.

But if you have to mine a piece, just mine it normally(don’t sneak), without sneaking.

So if you’re still reading; You may want to know what you can do in this add-on. Well, here’s a complete list of all the features for you


-All ores(including deepslate ore and nether ore)
-Amethyst shard


Cut down

-All Wood(Including Nether Wood)



-Grass block
-Soul sand
-Soul soil



-Sweet berries
-Melon Block
-Nether wart block
-Warped wart block
-Hey bale


Slashing sword


Notes :

1.Fortune won’t work if you duck down

2.This add-on only works if you use English, other than English this add-on will not work

3.And don’t forget to activate Experimental gameplay


  1. Download .Mcpack
  2. Open the file and wait for it to be imported automatically in Minecraft
  3. Activate the behavior pack in your world.
  4. Done

creator: https://www.facebook.com/ZETRO123/


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