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Bedrock Ferro Furniture 1.18.10

Ferro Furniture 1.18.10

Ferro Furniture has arrived, which contains furniture suitable for medieval Minecraft, beautiful and advanced interactive features and colors, and you can start your adventures in the world of Survival with this beautiful furniture.


Well, I have finished the first version of this furniture, which provides beautiful features and designs that are suitable for Minecraft in terms of the style of the game and uses the texture of Minecraft. This furniture is from the Middle Ages, which is suitable for Minecraft. The download method and details will be explained below, and do not forget to rate and write your suggestions

  • Contents
  1. rocking chair type 2 :interactive
  2. television :interactive
  3. Tv table type 2
  4. big table type 2
  5.  color bed 2 :interactive
  6. Bed locker type 2 :interactive
  7. Water well :interactive 
  8. ceiling light :interactive
  9.  candle 2 :interactive
  10. chair type 2:interactive
  11. rack type 2
  12. Music Player :interactive
  13. fireplace :interactive
  14. wood fireplace
  15. sofa

The way to get the furniture is very easy

The furniture contains two types of wood and colors at the moment, more will be added in the next updates

You can interact with the wax by adding more than one candle. Each candle increases the light and supports the sounds

Put the wood in the fireplace and then use the lighter to work

You can interact with the water well, you need an empty bucket, add the bucket, then lower the bucket and you will get a bucket of water

You can play TV and music and also music does not contain copyright

Some pictures

It is forbidden to put any link of yours or a mediafire link, only the link to this page, otherwise you will force me to report


You must activate the experimental options or it will not work

You have to apply the update blocks for it to work, otherwise it will only show update blocks

How to download


creator: Creative Ritas


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