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Bedrock Fiery’s Expansion

Bedrock Fiery is proud to announce its latest expansion, marking a new milestone for the business.

The expansion will add over 40,000 square feet of usable space to the existing Bedrock Fiery compound. This extra space will be used for offices, meeting space, and storage.

The company has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in Montana. With the addition of the new space, Bedrock Fiery is able to accommodate a larger and more diverse customer base. A number of new employees will be hired to work in the new space, it will enable the company to better distribute their products and services.

In addition to the expansion, Bedrock Fiery has also made improvements to their operational processes. The company has invested in innovative and efficient technology, which increases the speed of communication throughout the offices. With these improvements, Bedrock Fiery is able to serve their customers more rapidly and reliably than ever before.

The company is excited about the new opportunities that this expansion brings. The extra space also allows for more room to experiment with new products and services, as well as an opportunity to offer better customer service.

Bedrock Fiery is constantly striving to serve its customers better, and with this new expansion, the company is confident that it will meet that goal. With this expansion, Bedrock Fiery is wasting no time in making sure that the future of the company is bright.

Fiery’s Expansion


Have you ever thinking that the nether update wasn’t enough because of the contents it had? Well this addon might be for you! Because this addon adds more contents to the nether dimension. 



– Nether urchin  :

These fellow urchins may seems small than yourself but don’t let it small size fools you because it can deal heavy damages to you , especially when your newer to the nether. usually they like to leaping at its target , angry spiky balls!

  • Health : 30
  • [ Hostile ] Damage : 8
  • Loots : nether spine, nether test.
  • Spawns in biome : nether waste


[ Funfact : these creatures loot items is based of the real life bodyparts of the sea urchins! ]


– Lost ghast  :

These lost creatures is a friendly floating creatures that likes to observe players and undeads by its curiosity. unlike its brethren ghasts who is a deadly creatures , these just floating around the nether aimlessly.

  • Health : 11
  • [ Passive ]
  • Loots : soul orb
  • Spawns in biome : soulsand valley



[ Funfact : these lil creatures used to be a hostile but since the limited of the program i used they cant attack the players so they became a passive mobs instead ]



– Soul centipede  :

These centipedes is not something you would want to mess around especially how fast these things. these creatures likes to hid under the soulsands , making it hard for the players to see although you can still hit them under the soulsands. packs of them may be a deadly foes.

  • Health : 14
  • [ Hostile ] Damage : 4
  • Loots : soul orb
  • Spawns in biome : soulsand valley


[ Funfact : this model is supposed to be a milkway weaver from game terraria! ]



– Warped ghast  :

These creatures is similar to lost ghast except that its more weaker. they usually destroys nether plants/fungus, no wonder why they were called a pests. 

  • Health : 4
  • [ Passive ]
  • Loots : gunpowder , warped fungus
  • Spawns in the biome : warped forest






These items were dropped by nether urchins although its still don’t have a use but in the future there’ll be a uses of them :] .





No one knows why the souls type creatures always dropped soul orbs each of them , maybe its their core? heart? but who knows. also they don’t have any uses for now.


More contents soon will be added!


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