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Bedrock Fireflies!



“Fireflies!” is a pretty basic addon that adds the removed Firefly mob to the game. They look pretty much identical to what was shown at Minecraft Live. You can catch them in a jar, use them as frog food (they aren’t poisonous!), or you can let them roam to add some ambience to your world!

Were you disappointed hearing that fireflies were removed from the Wild Update? Be disappointed no longer with the Fireflies! addon!



FOR 1.19+ ONLY



The quantity of fireflies that spawn may cause some devices to lag.



Fireflies will spawn in most warm biomes, but they spawn more frequently in swamp, plains, and mangrove swamp biomes.

You can find them spawning in small or very large groups!




Fireflies can be eaten by frogs (they aren’t poisonous!).


You can catch fireflies in craftable glass jars by interacting with a firefly with a jar equipped in your main hand. Once captured you will be given a Firefly Jar that you can place as a light source!


The following Experimental Setting/s must be enabled:



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