Five Nights At Freddy’s Addon [AdamTaylor version]

Do you like indie horror games? Well this addon might be right for you! Introducing Update 2/3 of my Five Nights At Freddy’s Addon! This update to my addon has improved AI and appearance upgrades! The list of content will be below and a more detailed link to a review!

With this addon, You could create you’re very own pizza place with the Fazbear Family!

Using the Improved, Updated Fazbear and Gang you can now Experience The Fazbear Franchise in your very own MC World!


During The Day,  Freddy and The Gang perform a show~





But at night, They Roam around looking for the next victim~



Each Animatronic has their very own unique Animations and Sounds both for day and night!

Each animatronic also has angry events as golden Freddy doesn’t move till angry:



Every 10 Minutes The Animatronics Will Need To Be Repaired~ They Will Fall and Deactivate!



Regardless Of State or Position; Once Day hits they will stop their chase or roam and Begin Performing as they were set to do!




If Freddy or the Gang get you; (only at night) They will grab you and jumpscare you’ killing you instantly!



Wish to set them so they don’t move?~ and see their animations! Well you can with The Test Animation entity!



With The Up-To-Date design and Ai you can now have a more realistic Experience! You can now do anything you desire! This is one of the many updates I’ll be doing~ you can experiment more~ Look forward to the future!


To download the mod, there is a mediafire link to both RP and BP. Download them both and when u download them go into your downloads. In your download click or tap on the file and press import to ur mc. Once imported then activate the addon into your mc world!



By aadhu

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