Fixed Player Animation (Beta 0.0.0)

Have you ever been sick of Bedrock Edition’s broken animations? This resource pack will fix the player animations! We’ll keep trying to fix as many bugs as we can!Note: There may be a few bugs that are not currently present in vanilla. If you find a bug, we’d appreciate it if you’d contact us right away!


This resource pack was created with the goal of fixing almost all the bugs present in vanilla. If there are any bugs that exist in vanilla and have not been fixed, we would appreciate it if you would send them to us via Twitter or in the comments on this page!


List of vanilla bugs fixed as of now:

Third Person
001: Incorrect hand position and broken attack animation [MCPE-54697]
002: Player arm swinging animation has 1 frame missing/cut off [MCPE-50236 / MCPE-133777]
003: left hand in the attack animation does not swing up and down.
004: left-right swaying of the torso in the attack animation is too weak.
005: left leg of the Bob animation is missing – it was implemented around 0.12.0 and removed around 1.13.0, so the disappearance is a bug.
006: speed of Bob’s animation is being rounded off.
007: direction of the arm when the bow is held is not correct.
008: right hand does not bob up and down while charging a crossbow – This was implemented around 1.10.0 and removed around 1.13.0, so the disappearance is a bug.
009: Crossbow is not facing the right way when it is held.
010: Sneak is falling apart all over the place.
011: Player when entering swimming mode shakes, legs still moves when player is not moving [MCPE-49621]
012: Player model isn’t centered when swimming [MCPE-122663]
013: When flying in Elytra, the player’s center is not in the torso.
014: Adjust the orientation of the player’s head so that it does not move 90 degrees to the side.
015: way the player’s head moves is now consistent with Java Edition. – This is a bug that disappeared in Bedrock Edition, as it disappeared in 1.2.0.
016: Backed an animation that plays when the player takes damage and moves their arms and legs forward.
017: Smoothed out the eating animation.
018: Changed the eating animation to affect the direction the player is facing.
019: Play walking animation when torso orientation changes – This was implemented around Bedrock Edition 0.13 and removed around 1.4.0, so it’s a bug that disappeared.
020: Z coordinate of the crossbow is offset by 1.
021: The crossbow is depicted upside down.
022: The most use the spyglass, the position of my hand and the spyglass are sometimes far apart. – Note: Bug fix is in progress.

First Person
023: Attack animations have been adjusted to be smoother.
024: Arm seems to be out of place [MCPE-47877]
025: When you possess a map, only the Y coordinate changes, not the direction of your arm.
026: The attack animation when holding the map is quite off.
027: Walking animation is too strong. – Note: The fix for this bug only applies to bare hands and Attachable items. All other items are not data-driven and cannot be fixed.
028: Hand moves too much when View Bobbing is enabled [MCPE-54072] – Fixed 1.16.0, but return 1.17.0.
029: Invisible hands when holding a map [MCPE-100259]
030: The pull animation of the bow is not correct.
031: The animation when guarding with a shield is not correct.
032: Trident’s pull animation is too slow.
033: The breath bob animation of Attachable items is too slow and too strong.
034: The crossbow is depicted upside down.
035: The breathing bob of the crossbow does not bob up and down.
036: Attack animations for Attachable items are broken. – Note: A fix is in progress. Full fix is considered quite difficult due to bare hands.
037: Even if don’t have a shield in your off hand, the crossbow will not be set in the center.
038: Spyglass isn’t positioned correctly in hand [MCPE-125785] – Note: It is quite likely that this is a vanilla parity difference and may be reverted to vanilla.
039: Bow shakes when not drawing to shoot at all [MCPE-138993]

Random Screenshots:


Empty hand:


and more!

Checked Minecraft Version: v1.17.10, v1.17.11, v1.17.30


Based Code/Files – Minecraft(Microsoft[ ], Mojang Studio[ or ])
  First Person – v1.17.1
  Third Person – v1.17.1

 Attachabled Items:
  Bow – v1.17.30
  Shield – v1.17.1
  Trident – v1.17.30
  Crossbow – v1.17.1
  Spyglass – v1.17.1

 MoLang Document:
  Bedrock developer wiki:

 Using Code:
  Based First Person Attack Vaule / Java Edition Hand Rot / Pos – Capt. J (
  Spyglass – MCPE4theBeacon (



Please read either the readme_en.txt in the resource pack folder before using it (readme_ja.txt is for Japanese).





If you want to zip it, replace “.mcpack” in the downloaded file with “.zip”.



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