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Bedrock Flappy Bird in Minecraft

Flappy Bird in Minecraft


Remember that old mobile game Flappy Bird? Well now you can play it inside of Minecraft! You can just run a simple command and boom, a board will appear that allows you to play the awesome game

Flappy Bird is a true classic. It was a fun and challenging mobile game that I’m sure a lot of us remember playing. Well, I’ve coded this game into Minecraft!


Setting up a game

To set up a new game of Minecraft Flappy Bird is quite simple. All that you need to do is to go to a nice open piece of land and type “!create” into chat. This will spawn in a display and you should see a countdown start. When you die, you can restart the game by simply pressing the restart button at the bottom right of the display.


To play, you simple need to use the Jump item to make the bird flap


This add-on makes use of both Holiday Creator features as well as the GameTest framework, so you need to enable those two experimental settings in order for the add-on to work correctly. When you leave and re-join a world that has an active flappy bird display, you will start to get error messages. Simply type “!stop” into chat and create a new game.


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