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Ever wanted a working flashlight in Minecraft? If so, your dreams come true! I’ve created a flashlight that really works and without player.json! You can use this add-on for horror maps and your add-ons.


It’s recipe:

Note that it is not in every version!

How it works

To activate the flashlight, right-click it. It will work for 3 min (horror version) or 6 min (survival version) and also it will loose some durability.

Check out some of my videos!


As you can see, it works.


I’ve added 3 options for this add-on:

  • Survival

Survival friendly. Flashlight works for 6 mins (timer goes only when you hold it), 8 durability and higher light lever and recipe, of course.

  • Horror v1

For horror maps. Works 3 mins, 4 durability, recipe.

  • Horror v2

For horror maps. Works 3 mins, no reprice.

Creator’s section

Hey, content creator. Want to use this add-on in your video, map or add-on?
Feel free to do it, but leave credits. I can also help you to customize this add-on for your map, contact me in Discord.


No ads, no problems.



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