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Bedrock Floating Text Manager Addon

Floating Text Manager Addon

Want to easily create and manage floating text using the UI? You can do that with this addon!

Have you ever accidentally killed or teleported floating text? This add-on prevents such accidents!



This document has been translated from Japanese to English using Google Translate.


This add-on adds tools to create and manage floating characters.


How to use

Obtaining items

  • Get the “Floating Text Manager” from your creative inventory
  • Execute “/give @s lapis256:floating_text_manager” in the chat field


How to use the item

  • Using “Floating Text Manager” opens a dedicated UI
  • Press “Create new floating text” to open the new floating text creation UI
  • Under the create button, you will see a list of floating text names that exist in this world.
    • Pressing the button with the name of the floating text opens the management UI for that floating text.
    • The color of the floating text name represents the dimension in which the floating text resides.
  • You can directly open the Floating Text Management UI with the Focused Floating Text by holding the “Floating Text Manager” and using the Floating Text Focused Item.
    • If the viewpoint is correct, you will see particles that flash in black and white.
  • You can replace a focused entity with floating text by using the Focused Entity to a named entity while having a “Floating Text Manager”.
    • If the viewpoint is correct, you will see particles that flash green and black.


How to operate the floating text creation UI

  • Name: You can set a name for floating text
  • Text: You can set the text displayed by the floating text.
  • To start a newline with text, enter “n” instead of entering the newline character


How to operate the floating text management UI

  • Edit name: Opens the Edit Name UI
  • Edit text: Opens the Edit Text UI
  • Teleport to text: Teleport the player to floating text
  • Teleport here: Lets the player teleport floating text
  • Delete: Delete floating text


Terms of service


Wrap up

  • I am not responsible for any damage caused by using this add-on.
  • You may like the commercial use and modification of this add-on as long as you display the copyright and license.
    • For more information, check out “MIT License”.


Bug reports / Feature suggestions

Please report and make suggestions to Issues



  1. Download and import this add-on
  2. Enable the “Holiday Creator Features” and “GameTest Framework” in the world settings

creator: https://twitter.com/Lapis256



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