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Bedrock Flourishing Trees: A Minecraft Bedrock Tree Update!

Flourishing Trees: A Minecraft Bedrock Tree Update!


Have you ever wanted an update to the trees in Minecraft Bedrock? This addon aims to improve the trees and change Minecraft’s trees from bush-trees to big trees! each tree is scaled and updated to fit the vanilla game as much as they can. Almost all biomes with trees have been overhauled, excluding the savanna trees and the mangrove trees. It really does make Minecraft feel wilder and expansive!

This addon is presented by Happy1speed, as my tree upgrade!

The wild update may have felt small, but that doesn’t mean these trees have to be!

This is what happens when you spill all of the bonemeal on the world. 😉

every biome has its own special style of trees, carefully balanced between performance and greatness.

This addon does not add any new blocks.

Make sure to enable the following experimental features:

1. Custom biomes

2. experimental molang features

Pictures of the addon:

this addon also makes grass and sugar cane more common!


(There are more pics but it’s too laggy with them all on here so here is a video with my bad mic and terrible speaking. :J

Well what are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself!



This addon is not without some bugs, the biggest being that sometimes the trees can get cutoff at chunk borders.

This is fairly rare unless you generate a ton of chunks very quickly or apply the pack to an existing world.

I have worked a lot on fixing this, but it’s not completely fixed. (The redwood taiga has more than usual)

Some of the huge tree’s leaves do not decay, this is so the trees with big canopies don’t lose leaves randomly.

The small jungle saplings grow the old small jungle trees (idk why)

A note on world generation: This addon should not be applied to existing worlds or removed if it is on a world that was previously entered. 

Make a new world when activating this addon.

under my YouTube video (in the description) I have some options to help performance where it is needed.

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