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FluffyLib [v1.0.0]

This addon is a library of tools made for developers. These tools are all described in the documentation linked below, please make sure to read the documentation thoroughly      


Important Info

If you are using this library for your addon, just add this link to your addon description. Also, make sure to specify to enable gametest framework in your addon description and what versions of this library it supports, as some critical features may change over time. However, this is unlikely.

You are not allowed to copy code from this library to your addon!


How does it work?

All commands are tags (the reason for this is so you can use them in an addon, custom commands would require a player to type it in chat). To use a command run the following: /tag [selector] add “[command]” eg. /tag @p add “searchInv;minecraft:dirt;;;” (this command will search the players inventory for dirt). When adding a tag, remember to use quotation marks around the tag name, doing otherwise will result in an error

FluffyLib commands all take parameters. These are split by semicolons ;


Some Commands:

  • searchInv;itemid;;function;
  • tagName;selector;
  • execTagName;selector;;runAs;;function;
  • summonName;type;;xPos;;yPos;;zPos;;event;







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