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Bedrock Foods Plus: Theme Park Expansion

Foods Plus: Theme Park Expansion


Welcome to the very first expansion for one of our most popular addons Foods plus! This expansion adds in tons of theme park related content. such as foods, machines and more. the foods featured in this addon can be crafted in survival, and it also doesn’t require any experimental toggles, so it should be compatible with any world or addon.


Foods Plus: Theme Park Expansion



14 new foods! ranging from ice creams to popcorn.



This addon comes with 3 new machines, they can be used to get various items, such as ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy

click a spoiler below to find out more.

Ice cream machine

This machine comes in two different colors! Red and white. to use them simply, grab a cone, and click the machine and it will give you either chocolate or vanilla ice cream

Popcorn Machine

Use some paper and it will give you popcorn or caramel popcorn!

Cotton candy machine

similarly with the ice cream machine, just grab a cone and click it, after that it should give you blue or cherry cotton candy.


How to use

All of the content featured in this pack, can be found in the creative inventory

You can get various foods and machines by typing the following command: “/give @s foods_plus_themepark:”

Some of the foods in this expansion can also be crafted.


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