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Food’s Plus

Do you wish that minecraft had more foods? or different food types? Well wish no more! this addon comes with over 100+ brand new foods to the game. It has everything from baking and breakfast food items to beverages. and best of all, you can craft most of them in survival. 



🍎 Food’s Plus 🍎

This addon adds over 100+ new foods into the game, And best of all, you can craft most of them in survival. This addon is perfect for roleplaying, cities, and survival.


🍳 Foods can be crafted in survival! 🍳

Most of the foods featured in this addon can be crafted in survival, the only foods that cant be crafted re the fruits and vegetables. You can find the various crafting recipes in the survival crafting menu.

Alternatively, you can also spawn them in using commands and by getting them in your creative inventory.


🍍 Different food types 🍍

This addon features a variety of different food types. some foods will need to be baked or cooked and will give you extra saturation.

Some Foods that can found in this addon

  • Baking 🥧
  • Sweets/Candy’s 🍭
  • Breakfast foods 🍳
  • American Foods 🍔
  • Beverages 🍹
  • Asian foods 🍣
  • and… more! 🥫



Can i use this for my maps/projects?

Of course! You can use this addon for whatever you like, just be sure to give credit.

Will new foods be added?

Yes, I plan on adding new food types, ingredients, recipes and possibly adding up to 1,000 different foods.


Need any help, want to suggest a new feature or chat? Join us on discord!

Our discord


once downloaded the addon should port directly to the game

creator: https://www.instagram.com/dreampixelmc/


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