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Bedrock Forgotten O' Mobs

Forgotten O’ Mobs

Ever wanted the old aka forgotten minecraft mobs in minecraft? well this is the perfect addon for you, it adds 3 old forgotten mobs but don’t worry more will be coming soon



The Iceologer:
Iceologer ah, the one the only Ice throwing illager that you all know and love, He Summons Giant Ice Clouds and sometimes may even throw blocks at you himself , if you name him “Chillager” he may change his outfit

Wildfire ah yes, the one the only Blaze King, id recommend being carful with this guy, He is a lot smarter than he looks, Projectiles are not gonna help you in your case

Moobloom ah that fella, Moobloom, the flowering cow that you all Crave, He leaves tales of flowers behind, And if u have a glass bottle, you can milk him for Honey so if your a bee fanatic you will love this buzzing addon

Want to Join The Community?


Discord: Panedwards#0001

Discord Server:  https://discord.gg/cDbJwQB

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Panedwards_YT

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC17UtjIUleoQXMICICJs0QQ

Website:  https://panedwards.wordpress.com


Fixed a issue with the Moobloom and Wildfire mob not functioning correct 



1. “Optional” If you still have the old versions of this add-on, please remove it on the minecraft storage settings!


1. Download The Add-On


2. Apply the packs for a world


3. Create the world


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