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Bedrock Foxes Vs Wolves BattleField

Foxes Vs Wolves BattleField


Fox and wolf fight In this addon, you can create a battlefield with foxes and wolves equipped with weapons. Now the foxes can attack back. Since this is a beta version, SpawnRule has not been added yet, but it will be added in the next Update In the current version, 6 foxes and 6 wolves have been added. Two of them are ordinary fighting mobs, so I won’t explain them in detail

Fox Team

Fox Warrior 

Fox With Rifle

Fox With Assault Rifle

Fox With Flame Rocket

Fox With Cannon



Wolf Team

Wolf Warrior.


Wolf With Shotgun

Wolf With Grenade Launcher

Wolf with Soft Firework Rocket

Heavy Machine Gun Equipped Wolf

All of Them Can Be Tameable With Emeralds!

Here In_game Screenshot

creator: McThanZaw

Special Thank To Sandrell Gaming For Support.

And Have Fun With This Addon!


We Not Using Player.json So is Playable with Other Addon.



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