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Bedrock Functional Mining Devices Add-On

Functional Mining Devices Add-On

This addon adds two new items. These items are the hand lamp and the miner’s helmet, these will be useful when mining, as they will light your way so you don’t spend hundreds of torches exploring.

Tired of spending hundreds of torches in the new caves?

Well then this addon is the solution, Functional Mining Devices is an addon focused on mining, this addon adds two new items which will make mining much easier and dynamic.

Now you won’t need to spend hundreds of torchchar to light your way when mining because you can use the mining helmet or the hand lamp, both items are added by this addon.

In addition to this you can also use these items when adventuring because they will light your way while exploring.


How it works

The first thing you must do is to craft the hand lamp or the mining helmet then equip it in their respective slots in the inventory, after this the items will be working.

It is important to note that the hand lamp only works if it is equipped in the second hand, basically where the shield goes if you do not do this it will not work.



-If you equip the hand lamp and the mining helmet at the same time it is possible that it does not illuminate properly, so avoid doing so.

-If you pass through non-collision blocks that are more than two blocks long, such as roses, the hand lamp and mining helmet will not work.

(This is a bug that I have decided not to fix to avoid other bugs).

-If you dive underwater these items will not work.

(This bug will not be fixed either)

-The addon does not work in multiplayer mode.




This addon needs the experimental game mode to work correctly.


creator: https://twitter.com/freinercraft


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