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Bedrock Furing Fabric, Temperature-Managing Fabrics!

In recent years, the fashion industry has made vast advancements in the technology used for constructing their clothing. Leading the pack in this progress is a company called “Bedrock Fusing Fabric,” with their innovative temperature-managing materials.

Bedrock Fusing Fabric is a textile company that is creating breakthroughs in clothing technologies. It produces a wide range of fabrics that are specially designed to help manage the temperature of the wearer. This includes materials that are able to retain body heat in cold weather or expel it in hot weather.

These temperature-managing fabrics are made with a unique blend of fibers, like wool and cotton. This blend is combined with innovative technologies such as heat-variable weaving, which helps regulate the amount of thermal energy retained or released by the clothing. The material is also treated with chemicals to create a breathable surface that has amazing sweat-wicking properties. This helps to prevent colds and flu by keeping the body warm and dry.

Bedrock Fusing Fabric’s temperature-managing fabrics are sure to revolutionize the fashion industry. Not only can these materials provide comfort to the wearer in different types of weather, but they can also be used to make stylish pieces of clothing. From fashionable sweaters for those cold winter days, to lightweight shirts for summer days, the possibilities are endless.

Overall, this revolutionary new material is sure to make an impact on the fashion industry. Not only is it great for comfort, but it also opens up a world of new possibilities in terms of style and design. With Bedrock Fusing Fabric’s temperature-managing fabrics, the fashion industry is sure to keep progressing into the future.

Furing Fabric, Temperature-Managing Fabrics!


Tough As Bedrock addon also Adds New Mechanics
One of them is Temperature!

This one mechanic could be Difficult for some playes…

So if it’s Difficult, this Addon will Help You!

Little Tailoring Lesson:

What’s “Furing/Vooring”?
It’s a Real-Life type of fabric that used to coat the inside of cloth in tailoring…

In this addon, this fabric is used to cooling & warming your body temperature
Though i found out that this fabric also has this function in Real-Life! :O



This addon Adds Some Items that Able to Increase/Decrease your Temperature as you need…


Removed the Ozzy Helmet & Boots since the Chestplate & Leggings are OP Enough


!! Attention !!

This addon is Based on a mod called “Armor Underwear” made by The_Wabbit0101

But, Everything is Made By Me & I Didn’t Steal any of the mod assets…


Back to the Addon Explanation…


This addon has the Same Purpose with the mod which is an Expansion, in this case… for an Addon called “Tough As Bedrock” made by Weero_TMD



◆ Goo:

This item is Based on the Temperature…


<= Cooling & Heating =>


◆ Material:

This item is Based on the Goo it made from…


<= Cooling & Warming =>


 Cooling Fabric Material can also be made with Ice Cube from Tough As Bedrock as the Alternative of the Cooling Goo
 Warming Fabric Material can also be made with Wool as the Alternative of the Heating Goo




◆ Cooling & Warming:

These Fabrics are the Basic & it’s Useful for Early-Game…


The recipes has the same pattern as the armor recipe pattern

[Armor Material = Fabric Material]

◆ Otto:

This Fabric is mainly for Cold Protection so it’s gonna protect you in Cold Places…

How to Obtain it?

This Fabric can only be Lootable in the Snowy Village & Igloo

◆ Ollie:

This Fabric is mainly for Hot Protection so it’s gonna protect you in Hot Places…

How to Obtain it?

◆ Ozzy:

This End-Game Fabric has Both Cold & Hot Protection so it’s gonna protect you in Both Cold & Hot Places…

How to Obtain it?

◆ This Fabric can be Crafted with Ozzy Fabric Material-that crafted by combining Flip-Flop Goo with Both Cooling & Warming Fabric Materials

◆ This Fabric can also be Crafted by combining Both Cooling & Warming Fabrics

◆ This Fabric can also be Lootable in the End City



“Fabric Snips”

This item is used for Unapplying the fabrics from your cloth…
[You can get your Applied Fabrics back with this item]





This item is used for providing Temperature Immunity for 8 Minutes


<= Cool & Heat =>


◆ When the item is used, it turned into Spent Goopak…
Don’t just throw it away, Better to Recycle into Some Papers!



 The_Wabbit0101, for his Mod that Inspired this addon!

 Weero_TMD for Allowing me to make an Expansion for his addon!



> Join My Discord Group <

If You’re Curious about My Addons Progress!





About the Fabrics:

◆ Interact the Item [Tap & Hold/Right-Click] to apply it
◆They’ll tells you their Fabric Level when you use it
[Eg. Cooling Fabric +2/Warming Fabric +5]
◆ They’re Unoverlapped-able [Snip it off first, before applying another fabric]


Required Experimental Feature:



 Only English

◆ Working on 1.17.0+!

Enjoy & Stay Well!

creator: twitter.com/KunZhyuro


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