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Bedrock Furnace’s Plus

Furnace’s Plus

This addon adds seven new furnaces for your Minecraft Bedrock! Don’t wait for a long time whenever you need to cook a large number of items! With these furnaces, you won’t even see it happen!



1-This code is private and use for any personal projects will suffer legal sanctions and payment of fines.

2-This is the first version and may contain errors.

3-All vanilla furnace supported items (except red_sandstone, sandstone and armor’s/tool’s)

4-Não redistribua fora deste site.


creator twitter: @evil_makima



1-All experimental gameplay required (mostly gametest)

2-The iron ax is used to pick up the furnace after it is positioned in the world.


Netherite furnace: is the top tier furnace!

You can make it even faster by adding nether stars to your upgrade slots (one for each slot)

Burn up to three different items at a time!!!

Emerald furnace: very fast!

Burn up to two different items at a time!

Diamond furnace: very fast! (a little less than emerald)

Burn up to two different items at a time!

Gold furnace: fast!

Burn two identical items at a time!

Amethyst furnace: fast (a little less than gold)

Burn items much faster than the vanilla furnace!

Iron furnace: Identical to amethyst

Copper furnace: a little faster than the vanilla furnace


This is the first version of the add-on, it has 7 new furnaces!! They work based on time(Like vanilla furnaces) and can be improved! (This add-on is based on mcpc systems but developed from scratch for bedrock and may contain bugs)



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