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Bedrock =Futuristic Sci-Fi Survival=

=Futuristic Sci-Fi Survival=

This addon features new armor and tools, blocks, ores, items, structures, mobs, and more. This addon I made is mostly for survival. This addon just came out, so if you find any bugs or ideas for the addon you can tell me on my youtube channel. Thanks for checking this addon out!

  • New Armor:

Carbon fiber helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots.

  • New Tools:

Carbon fiber Sword:

Carbon fiber Pickaxe:


  • New Mobs:

Test E_4 (aka Scrapoid): Spawns in the overworld as often as cows at day or night. Can make your hearts green and give you hunger.

Test E_6: Can be found in shipment crates. Attacks any mob that attacks it first. Drops itself when killed.

Carbon fiber hoverbike: Can be crafted with carbon fiber, iron, and a chest. Can swim and jump. Drops itself when killed.


  • New Structures:

Shipment cargo:




Spaceship :


You can get early access to my addons on my YouTube channel: @C1RCU1T

creator: https://twitter.com/C1RCU1T_MC


Do not republish, take credit, or upload without the owners permission.
If you would like to make a video with this addon message and give credit to the owner.
You can customize the addon however you like, but contact the owner. No third party websites are allowed to submit, upload, or use this addon for their own websites. The only places my addons will be uploaded are on my YouTube channel
If you have any questions contact C1RCU1T.



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