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Bedrock GamerDos’ Ban System

GamerDos’ Ban System


In 2021, I made an addon called “Shadows Ban System”, and now I have remade and improved it GREATLY! It has better warns, bans, you can even tempban players for a specific time!


GamerDos’ Ban System


How it works

Ban –

To ban a player, type ‘/tag add ban”

To unban a player, type ‘/tag add unban”

When you get banned, this is what you will see:

When you get unbanned, this is what you will see

Jail –

To create a jail, do “/function bansystem-createjail”

To destory a jail, do “/function bansystem-destroyjail”


This is what a jail looks like:

(we surrounded the armor stand with stained glass so nobody can break it)

How to jail –

To jail someone, do “/tag add jail”

To unjail someone, do “/tag add unjail”

Tempban –

To tempban someone, do any of these commands:

/tag add tempban-30mins

/tag add tempban-1hour

/tag add tempban-90mins

/tag add tempban-2hours

/tag add tempban-1day

The player must be online to count

(aka if a player gets tempbanned and leaves and comes back the next day they will still be banned, they have to be online)

Warn –

To warn someone, do “/tag add warn”

There are 3 levels to warns, warn1, warn2, and warn3

Every level they get cleared, you do not have to do “/tag add warn2″, all you have to do is “/tag add warn”

What I mean:

To make it easier to understand, this scoreboard will be shown





Warn Level 1:

  • Cleared

Warn Level 2:

  • Cleared

Warn Level 3:

  • Banned

Warn Level 4:

  • Unban and reset to Warn Level 0


If you want more info on how to use this addon, go to this video:


Please Do Not:

  • Copy the code of this addon
  • Abuse this in your friend’s realm/world/server


This addon will be updated every 1 – 1.5 months         


How to install

  1. Click the link
  2. Follow the steps
  3. Click “unlock” twice
  4. Click the blue download button
  5. Enjoy!

creator: https://twitter.com/canlas_dos


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