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Bedrock GameTest Interpreter (v1.19.10)

GameTest Interpreter (v1.19.10)


GameTest interpreter is an add-on that directly executes instructions written in a programming or scripting language into GameTest Framework, the new scripting engine for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

The add-on currenly allows JavaScript and TypeScript code to be executed, and is mainly for debugging code snippets in game.

JavaScript Interpreter

Currenly JavaScript is the only programming language that allow developers to use GameTest Framework APIs from within their code.

This add-on allows developers to debug JavaScript code and reports an error condition immediately in Minecraft in-game using this interpreter. This reduces the amount of script errors happened in your code development and time, and allows developers to experiment with the new features available in GameTest Framework API modules in Minecraft.

To learn more about GameTest API, please visit GameTest Documentation.

Here are some examples executing JavaScript in-game:

Example #1

This script makes the world / script engine say “running”


Example #2

This script shows the script has error.


To get started:

  1. Type $javascript in chat to get the enchantment book
  2. Use the enchantment book to open the interpreter
  3. Type your javascript code in the chat
  4. Press Submit button to start executing your code


TypeScript Interpreter

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds syntax for types to compile to a clean JavaScript output.

This add-on has converted TypeScript source code from a CommonJS module to a ECMAScript module to become compatible with GameTest Framework.

This interpreter has the ability to show which character in a line of code has caused an error


To get started:

  1. Type $typescript in chat to get the enchantment book
  2. Use the enchantment book to open the interpreter
  3. Type your typescript code in the chat (This interpreter do not support javascript input)
  4. Press Submit button to start the compiler
  5. Wait until an error prompt pops up or a JavaScript interpreter with compiled code
  6. Press Submit button again to execute your code



The documentations of this add-on are available in interpreter GitHub repository.

Click here or the downloads section for more information’s!



The following list contains packages the add-on uses, they either have open-source license or asked for permission:



Showcase video of the add-on

Please subscribe to JaylyMC and Jaylyextra thank you.



This add-on source code is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0, this means:

You are allowed to download and use for

  • Commercial use
  • Modification
  • Distribution
  • Patent use
  • Private use

With limitations such as

  • Liability
  • Warranty

You must

  • Acknowledge the license and copyright notice of the add-on

When you’re showcasing this add-on to social media, you must redirect this add-on to this webpage with no alternative download links (mediafire, linkvertise etc.), this allows the creator to get the most accurate analytics for this project.



First you go to the download section and click “Download GameTest Interpreter”.

You will be redirected to Linkvertise and GitHub, then the add-on will be downloaded to your device.

Import the add-on to Minecraft (Preferably Latest Minecraft Beta / Preview)

In the world setting, enable GameTest Framework in experimental section.

Enable GameTest Framework in new UI design
Enable GameTest Framework in old UI design


If your Minecraft version is below 1.18.30, the dialog will not appear when you type $javascript because of outdated API, you would have to start coding in chat with $ prefix.

To start coding on Minecraft versions below 1.18.30, you have to switch GameTest Framework version to below 1.18.30. For example: 

Resolution name is subject to change, always recommend using this add-on in latest stable / preview version of Minecraft.

For more information, check out the documentation here.


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