Gaming Cards Deck PE – Traditional Gaming Cards Come to Minecraft

I, the Great Donald of House Delusional, am flattered to present you this little addon of mine. I was surprised no one has done it before, so here it is – the full traditional deck of cards in Minecraft Bedrock Edition PE!


It’s a really small addon. It adds all of the 52 traditional gaming cards to Minecraft – spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds. They don’t really serve any purpose by themselves, but that’s where you come in! You can use those cards for your own roleplaying. Make a table with some item frames on top and voila – you can play at least some of the card games you know and love!

Currently there’s no way to get them in survival. The only way is by using /give command or taking them from creative menu – I’ve made a function which gives you all of the cards at once, but for some reason it won’t work


  • a way to get the cards in survival
  • maybe a redesign in the future
  • a working function to get all of the cards at once



By aadhu

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