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Bedrock Gene Project V1.5.0

Gene Project V1.5.0

This is a component of dinosaurs with many exquisite models. It took me a long time. These dinosaurs will not be generated naturally, but they are very suitable for decorating your Jurassic Park


In this component, I have added more than ten kinds of dinosaurs. Each of them has exquisite models and animations, as well as unique behaviors. For example, meat eating dinosaurs will actively attack players, roar, etc. If this component is popular, I will continue to make more dinosaurs and add more content other than dinosaurs to enrich the playing methods of the component.

Next is the picture of dinosaurs. I won’t write their names because I believe everyone knows them

This component is applicable to many game versions. I hope you have a good time

creator: https://twitter.com/Bailu58243568


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Although version 1.4.0 is written in the package, it is actually 1.5.0 because I forgot to change the version name


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